Quran Sciences is the only way to understand Holy Quran and knowing its judgments , so studying Quran Sciences make all things clear as following :


  1. Helping in understanding Quran , solving problems ,because no one can understand Quran or interpreting it if he can’t read it or didn’t know reasons of sending it down . Quran science is the key to understand Quran.
  2. Increasing the confidence in this Great Holy Quran , specially to who wants to deepen in studying it
  3. Knowing all efforts that was made from everyone wanted to serve Quran through history
  4. Getting valuable sciences give us the ability to defend of that book against Islam enemies
  5. Increasing the confidence in the essential source for his religion and the greatest thing he got in the world
  6. Getting pay and reward if he learned such sciences
  7. Make Muslim connected to Quran strongly