Shaikh Hassan Al-Abdullah Al-Naeem Biography



Shaikh Hassan Al-Abdullah Al-Naeem was born on 1307 H , in Bal’ma city affiliated to ( Al-Mafreg) governorate in Jordan , father Shaikh Abdullah Al-Hassan Al-Naeem had come from Aunizah with pilgrims who were coming from Iraq ,then he went to Jordan . He lived there and he had a stature between the tribes . He married from Al-Khwaldah tribe that was living in this area , she gave birth to 4 boys and 2 girls . After his wife death , he married and got many boys and girls .

When his children get young , they have been joined schools to learn , then he began to work in business , Shaikh Hassan was skillful in business while he was working with his father and his brothers .

But he remembered his hometown and he wanted to live with his children between his family and his people in Aunizah , He adviced his sons to marry from Aunizah’s families , so he decided to go back from Jordan to Aunizah .

In Aunizah Shaikh Hassan has learned the religion sciences from Aunizah Shaikh , and became a good learner specially in Arabic . He was broad-minded and a wise man so he got his own place in Aunizah , and he was one of three Aunizah Princes consultants and taking his opinion in everything in society . The late Shaikh Hassan was board-minded man and respectful , every one was appreciating his role in leading the family , May God have mercy on him .

He died at age of 68 years old in 1375 H after a life which was full of people love , asking Allah to be one of who our messenger MOHAMMED (peace be upon him) told us about them ( The best of you who learned Quran then teach it ) .

May God have mercy on our Shaikh , and bless all who are working on serving Quran .