CM of Board of Director Speech

سامي الصقير 4

Chairman of Board of Director of memorization association’s speech


Praise be to Allah and may Allah give his messenger Muhammed (peace be upon him )his blessing

The best of speech is the Book of Allah Almighty revealed  by the holy  spirit of Gabriel at the heart of the Prophet( peace be upon him) to be  clear  Arabic tongue heraldic.

Revealed by Allah to enlighten us to guide us and to be preaching and healing for our chests, its blessing in reciting blessing in its effect, consequences, just in judgments and what the Quran tells is true

Almighty said :(a Book which we have sent down unto thee,full of blessings) and Almighty said:

(perfected is the word of thy Lord in truth and justice).

Allah gave this blessing country –Saudi Arabia- the care and preserving of the holy  Quran in all respects, interpreting, printing, financially and morally support. This care resulted in establishing associations and centers caring for the holy Quran, one of these centers is Hasan Naeem center for Quran studies  and the  one who founded  it and sponsoring it morally and financially his excellency Mr.Khalid Muhammed Alkhudair –may Allah guide him- . The center aims to serve the Quran in many fields memorizing, interpreting  ,qualifying the owner of it ,preparing studies ,researches of the Quran sciences and supporting the Quranic schools  financially an morally. I ask Allah Almighty to achieve the objectives of this center and to give  right path to those  who support it and bless their efforts and may Allah  give the donors the best reward he is generous and most merciful.

May Allah give his messenger and worshiper Muhammed (peace be upon him ) and his family and his companions  blessings .


Prof. Sami bin Mohammed Sugair

Chairman of Board of Director of memorization association in Aunaiza