Nora Al- Abdullah Al shebl

dar nora shibl

Nora Al- Abdullah Al shebl parlor for Quran memorization


It provides the followings:

  • 1-Giras program
  1. For upbringing a powerful qoranic generation practically and scientifically
  2. The lack of specialized agencies in the upbringing of the students
  3. The program is for elementary school students


  1. Shatha El Ekhaa Program
  2. The objective of the program:

Preparing the quran savers (females) from the ages of 13 years old to 35 years old
1. The causes of this project is founed

  1. Gap between the females and the quran scientifically and practically
  2. Failing in Koranic curriculums in grades
  3. Graduates of (cultural memorization) need to control the memorization and studying of the Quran