Mounira Abdullah Al-Naeem institute

mahad munira


Mounira Abdullah Al-Naeem institute for Quran memorization ( females )


Considers a great Edifice in Quran memorization and its sciences

Vision : to be at the Forefront of the educational facilities \

Mission : qualifying women to learn how to understand Quran and serving nation according to Quality Standards .


Goals :


– Graduating a high qualified females teachers

– caring and protecting Quran , learning and teaching It

– Qualifying women to do their roles towards Islam

– providing them Islamic Culture

– developing their personal skills

– contributing in developing their performance in educational facilities

1- High Diploma :

– studying Holy Quran and its sciences

– Quran memorization plus legal sciences

– Duration : 2 academic years

– Target segment : B. graduates

– Certification given : High Diploma in teaching Quran sciences

2- qualifying diploma :

– studying Quran sciences

– memorize 20 portion of Quran plus  legal sciences

–   Duration : 2 academic years

– Target segment : high school graduates

– Certification given : qualifying Diploma in teaching Quran sciences

3- Supplementary diploma :

– Studying Quran sciences then completing the whole Quran memorization after the qualifying Diploma

– Duration : one academic year

– Target segment :  qualifying Diploma graduates

– Certification given : Supplementary Diploma in teaching Quran and its  sciences



Mounira Abdullah Al-Naieem institute provides the following:



  1. (Courses and extracurricular activities to improve the quality of female students and society in general.
  2. Courses for graduates to improve the educational skills
  3. Periodic sessions for graduates