Center’s facilities and services

branchs and services


It contains of many departments as the following:


  1. Shaikh Hassan Al-Naieem Lecture Hall . Offering the following : lectures , holding conferences , courses and hosting all Segments of society  , it can accommodate 250 persons .
  2. Madawi Solaiman Al-Khowater’s Hall. For lectures , educational meetings , workshops , it can accommodate 250 persons .
  3. Mounira Abdullah Al-Naieem institute for Quran memorization ( females ) Institute began its work at A.m. to qualify women to do their role towards their Islam and to develop their skills to be qualified to teach Quran in public and private schools , Institute is certified from Qassim University in its programs : High Diploma , Supplementary diploma and qualifying diploma. Since its establishment 350 female teachers has been graduated , number of learners is 70 students plus 20 students in morning disciple courses .
  4. Noura Al-Shebl house for Quran Memorization .
    * Giras Program : aims to upbringing quranic generation , and it Consists of :- Constituent stage – Specialized stage contains some paths : Ambition , excellence and glory .
    * Shaza Brotherhood Program : specially for girls from 13 to 35 years old aims to prepar good memorizers for Quran , and to includ 3 programs :
    – Golden program for Quran memorization in one year
    – silver program for Quran memorization in 2 years
    – Bronze program for Quran memorization in 3 years
  5. The Center provides the following services:
    * Quran Lab: where female teachers teaching Quran lessons by recitation according to tajweed by using stimulation , teaching Quran techniques and training the female student within scheduled .
    * Library :include reference books and most significant references in Quran sciences , language ,sharia ,general culture and reading desk for quran.
    * Administrative offices: center management section includes 7 administrative offices in addition to 8 offices for institute management ,2 office for Nora Al- Abdullah Al shebl parlor management ,2 meeting rooms and 2 men offices.
    * Classrooms: The center includes 16 classrooms, each can take from 15-18
    *  Nurseries and kindergartens: the center includes nursery for infants and children kindergarten attached to the center is provided with all the child needs to learn, entertainment and comfort and is available free of charge.
    * Cafe: the center includes 2 cafes on the ground floor and the third floor which offers a variety of snacks and drinks.
    * Rest houses :it has been allocated more than place for student rest houses providing foods and great sessions in addition to many other service facilities
    *Prayer places: the center include Mosalla (small mosque) for all section in second floor where variety of weekly classes and competitions are held by the Mosalla (small mosque) supervisor.
    * Free transportation: the center provides excellent services including free transportation for all the center affiliates (employees and students) a.m. and p.m. using equipped and comfortable buses .
  6. Male  Administration: the center contains integrated and unattached section for men’s administration which contains financial and administrative affairs office , general service office In addition to 3 rooms for religious leaders (Sheikhs) and preachers to deliver lectures and lessons connected to circuit television. eaders (Sheikhs) and preachers to deliver lectures and lessons connected to circuit television.