Center Founder Speech


Center Founder Speech ( The first supporter )


Praise be to Allah who sent down Quran to his slaves to be a harbinger for all , and peace be upon who has been sent by Allah to us … then

Almighty God has sent a gift to his slaves by sending the best creature to them MOHAMMED (peace be upon him) .

Quran is the light of our life and the Muslim Companion , and people of Quran has a high stature in this world and the hereafter . No doubt that protecting and caring about Quran is the only way to survival and peace .

From this point , I and my family are caring about working on Hassan Al-Naeem Center for teaching Quran Sciences.

It is necessary to work on preparing teachers , specialists in Quran Sciences , preparing necessary plans , curriculums and appropriate courses and programs for every ages . Depending on developing , training , updating , following and supervising as an essential element in our work . May Allah make Quran the light in our chests and remove our sadness.





Mounira Al Hassan Al-Naieem