The Hassan Abdullah Al Naeem center for Qur’anic science serves the Holy Quaran . It is the first women’s center for Qur’anic science in the Qassim region , and its presence in Onaiza is an honour for this city . No wonder it’s the city of the science and knowledge  . The idea of establishing this center is an honor the parents of (Munira Bint Hassan Al Naeem  )  their righteous daughter . she established this center and her son, Mr. Khalid bin Mohammed Khudair signed an agreement on her behalf to build up the Sheikh Hassan Abdullah Al Naeem center for Qur’anic science in conjunction with the Qur’anic  Association of Onaiza , as represented by its chairman, Sheikh Dr. Sami Sugair , in the presence of Unaiyza Governor Fahd bin Hamad Al Salim, and notable people from the  Qassim region .


The Hassan Al Naeem center is located on Othman Bin Affan road (May Allah be pleased with him) , in Rawabi district on  a plot of land roughly 2500 square meters . In addition there are other facilities for men and children .


The center consists of four floors including administration center and the Hassan Al Abdullah Al Naeem hall for lectures , which is equipped with the most modern tools, and can  accommodate up to 250 people , The Nora Abdullah Al Shibil center for the memorization of the Quran . We have the Madawi Al Sulaiman Khwaiter auditorium for Cultural studies and event hall , which accommodates 250 people . Lastly but certainly not least , institute to qualify Quran teachers and internal nursery school .





1. Shaikh Hassan Al-Naieem Lecture Hall .
Offering the following : lectures , holding conferences , courses and hosting all Segments of society , it can accommodate 250 persons .


2. Madawi Solaiman Al-Khowater’s Hall .

For lectures , educational meetings , workshops , it can accommodate
250 persons .


3.  Mounira Abdullah Al-Naeem institute for Quran
memorization ( females )

qualifying women to do their role towards their Islam and to develop their skills to be qualified to teach Quran in public and private schools , Institute is certified from Qassim University in its programs : High Diploma , Supplementary diploma and qualifying diploma .

Dar Noora al shibl

4.  Noura Al-Shebl house for Quran Memorization .

* Girass Program : aims to upbringing quranic generation  from elementary students

* Shaza Brotherhood Program : specially for girls from 13 to 35 years old aims to preparing good memorizers for Quran